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Palm Desert Real Estate is among the most desirable real estate in the entire Coachella Valley. This community is located 11 miles from Palm Springs, and is a popular part-year residence for people from the Northern and Eastern U.S., as well as Canadian residents who come here each winter. The population, which rests over 40,000, swells with an additional 30,000 residents during the winter months as people flock to their warm desert homes in this community. Historically, the area was settled by Indians and Spanish settlers, and then became part of General Patton’s training ground before actually becoming the city that it is today. Like most of the communities in the Coachella Valley, it was not until after WWII that a developer from Los Angeles came into the area to create his dream community that is modern-day Palm Desert.

Palm Desert is a community that is home to many golf courses and resorts, which started with the founding of Shadow Mountain and Marrakesh in the 1950s. This city quickly became the World’s Golf Capital, officially, thanks to 30 golf courses and clubs located within 10 miles of the city limits. Throughout the 70s and 80s, the city saw resorts, hotels, and golf clubs spring up in the north parts of the city, creating the resort town that Palm Desert is known for being today. The economy is primarily fueled by tourism, as you might expect from a city with so many destination hotels, resorts and golf clubs to choose from. In the latter part of the 20th century, shopping and business came to the area, creating a boom in these areas of economic development as well.

In addition to all of this entertainment, recreation, and commerce, there was also a surge in the creation of Palm Desert real estate. More people flocked to the area to take up permanent residence, while part-year residents purchased homes and condos as well. Right now, there are more opportunities to buy Palm Desert real estate than ever before. Finding Palm Desert Real Estate is quite a simple task, and any realtor or real estate agency can help prospective homeowners to find what they are looking for. All that people need to do is to take the time to check out the different homes that are available and determine exactly what they are looking for in their new home purchase.

You should take the time to consider your budget and the location that you would like when you are looking at Palm Desert Real Estate. These two factors are the most important part of your decision. You need to find a realtor to help you find the homes that best suit your needs. Once you have figured out your budget and where in Palm Desert you would like to live, the amenities and other features of the home should be next on your list. Some people prefer to live in planned communities, gated communities, or certain neighborhoods within the city, and you will need to consider that when you are making your decision. Amenities that you can find include gated access, club memberships, certain features or additions to the home, and many other things that you wouldn’t find in areas outside of the Coachella Valley in a typical home purchase.

If you choose to live in this resort city, you have plenty of options when looking for Palm Desert homes for sale. You should take the time to work with your realtor to find the best real estate that is available based on your specific needs and desires. With so many great homes to choose from, there is no time like now to buy a Palm Desert home to enjoy for years to come. Just make sure that you choose the home that suits your tastes exactly, and that you get all the amenities that you could ask for and more. In a resort city like Palm Desert, you deserve luxurious living options for your new home purchase.