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Indian Wells real estate for sale is a lot more popular than it might be in bigger cities because the community is so small. This town, located in the Coachella Valley between Palm Desert and La Quinta, is home to only about 5,200 residents. Like other cities nearby, Indian Wells is a golf and resort community, and it is home to the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. This is a 16,000 seat stadium that hosts the Indian Wells Masters, or BNP Paribas Open, one of the tournaments in the high-level Masters 1000 tennis tour. In addition, there are golf clubs and country clubs, an annual Art Festival, and a variety of recreational activities to enjoy in the community and the surrounding desert areas.

The Indian Wells Golf Resort features a 36-hole public golf course that is the only one ranked on the Best Courses You Can Play Top 20 by GolfWeek. However, all of this luxury and prestige was not always in Indian Wells. To understand how this city got its start, you have to understand the starting of the Coachella Valley as a place for settlement. In the 1800s, this community was dubbed with the name ‘Indian Wells’ and was home to Indian tribes until the 1860s, when gold was discovered in the Colorado River. Indian Wells quickly became a resting point between Los Angeles and the mine that he established to mine gold. Although the route was abandoned, it was again reactivated by Wells Fargo Company in the 1870s. After the turn of the century, there was an increase in traffic through the Coachella Valley. To meet this growing demand for sustenance, Riverside County built the County Well, located about 100 feet south of where the Indians had been residing.

Since this was initially the only watering point in the Coachella Valley, and the area was made up entirely of desert, traveling and staying in the Indian Wells area was quite extreme and difficult. Nonetheless, settlers started coming in the early 1900s, taking up residence and building communities in the rough desert landscape. Caleb Cook moved to the valley in 1913 and is renowned for establishing the date industry that the valley is known for, as well as encouraging date ranching in Indian Wells. Indian Wells continues to be one of the most thriving areas in the valley, and even though the community is much smaller than other cities in the area, it is one with promise, luxury, and prestige for those who reside there.

If you are considering investing in Indian Wells real estate for sale, you should know that the average home price is about $700,000, which is much higher than other Coachella Valley cities. This community is very exclusive and luxurious, offering some of the best real estate Indian Wells has to offer only to families and individuals who can afford the luxurious lifestyle that this small community is known for. When considering buying a home here, you will have to think about the amenities that you want, the location of your home, and whether you want to live in a certain community or area of town compared to another.

Find a realtor who can show you the best Indian Wells real estate for sale and who is familiar with the entire area. Professionals who specialize in Coachella Valley home sales are often the best to work with, because they can provide you with the tools and resources that you need to live in this exclusive area. You will be able to find many great homes for sale and even some opportunities for new construction so that you can build your dream home in the prestigious Coachella Valley in a community that is not overpopulated or bursting at the seams. Take the time to see what your options are for Indian Wells real estate for sale, and you will not be disappointed with the homes and new construction opportunities that you can find.