Palm Springs

Palm Springs is an area consisting of well established neighborhoods and communities located in a desert setting. This entire area of 9 cities is also referred to as the Coachella Valley. Palm Springs stretches out over 96 square miles and is rich in a diverse culture, breathtaking landscapes, and a longstanding history. Shopping, dining, entertainment, and facilities for recreation are top quality establishments able to proudly bear the name of world class.

The past few years has brought good weather and an abundance of nature to Palm Springs making it the perfect spot for visitors to enjoy. The average temperature in the winter months of the year is around 60 degrees and only up to about 95 degrees in the warmer months. It is especially popular with those who do not like the cold of winter. These individuals have purchased their own piece of heaven and now have a place to go when the snow is falling in other parts of the country, to warm and active through the year.

Because of the great things Palm Springs offers visitors and residents, there is no denying that population in this area is growing. Currently, there are about 50,000 residents in Palm Springs. Its economy is also thriving as visitors come to partake in the wonderful amenities it offers. Real estate in Palm Springs is not only good, it offers a wonderful serene retreat away from the rest of the world. The statistics show that Palm Springs takes on about 50 new residents each day and the housing industry is not slowing down. Even with the rise in the value of property, Palm Springs Real Estate is affordable as always. You can purchase a nice home in this area for around $300,000 and the quality of craftsmanship is excellent.

When visiting Palm Springs, those who come from a stressful life elsewhere are encouraged to make a lifestyle change to a slower, more peaceful way of doing things, by moving here. Palm Springs is the area that requires you to slow down and enjoy the moment instead of keeping a hectic schedule as you once did. The attitude and environment of those who have been here will certainly show this way of thinking and will cause you to see how relaxed your life could be if you come here to stay.

The resident who has made this their home or the visitor which has come for a long vacation might not be the one who chooses to have the upscale active life they could have with the many pleasures available. It is great to take time to enjoy a game of golf or tennis, take a hike, swim and lunge by the pool, or go to the spa to relax and unwind. Don’t forget to take a long and leisurely stroll after you eat some of the finest cuisine in the world. They also have great parks and recreational facilities to offer for more things to do.

The Hollywood elite come to Palm Springs to get away from the hectic life and the adoring fans that can be very eager to take up time. This area is perfect for them to find the rest and relaxation they need to continue performing at top form. You will find many celebrities own vacation homes in the Palm Springs area.

Golf is one of the biggest pastimes here in Palm Springs. This is the reasons it has been named the “Golf Capital of the World”. You will find over 120 of the world class golf courses to challenge event he beginning to expert player. Each course is designed especially to blend in well with the desert scenery and landscape. It accents the beautiful colors and views making the game of golf even more enjoyable.

The bold colors of the desert and the backdrop of one of the mountain ranges blends in so well. The mountains in the area include the Santa Rosa Mountains and also Mt. San Jacinto. The blue skies that float above and the open calm spaces of the area are the things that attract the nature lovers of the world to come to visit or to make this their home.

Palm Springs is home to the largest circulating tramcar taking you to the highest parts of the mountain. Also known to all as the Chino Canyon, riders will be able to look out over the world as they dine at the restaurant also located at the top of the tram. Eight thousand feet down lies the land below. Once you day is done having an adventure on the tramcar, you will find a drive through the town into the land owned by the Cahuilla Indians will complete your day. Here is where you will be able to see what centuries of history has created and be able to dive into the culture that comes from your surroundings.

Families are encouraged to visit and to become a permanent part of Palm Springs. This town positively supports the growth and education of children through its various museums and places to learn about the culture and heritage of the area. Many other attractions and family activities are available. You will be able to connect and bond with your family in a much more meaningful way living in Palm Springs because of the slower pace of life.

It does not matter whether you prefer to come here to visit or to stay permanently as a resident, Palm Springs is the right place to consider. It will offer you and your family the cultural experiences of the old Indian Museums, the feeling of being on top of the world with the tramway, and a closeness to the desert way of life through the beauty of nature. You will not be able to find any other place that will inspire and relax you in such a way as Palm Springs can. You will only find all these great things in this desert town.

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