Leslie and Barney M, West Vancouver, BC

“Thirty five days after first meeting Elaine Stewart, we now own a condominium in the Mission Hills Country Club. All the documents have been signed and registered—two binders full! And we have started making it our own. Thirty five days later and we are already looking at paint chips. This has to be ‘top speed and high efficiency’ no matter where the buyer and seller reside, but considering that the buyers (us) live in West Vancouver, British Columbia and the sellers in San Francisco California, this has to be nothing short of miraculous. Everyone on Elaine’s support team—it takes a team!— was smart, efficient and promptly responsive to any of our questions. She has helped us with the home inspection, with finding a contractor, with contents insurance. She continues to offer her support. She better be careful. She may never hear the end of us.

We highly recommend Elaine and her team. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy, super-efficient, and super-personable. “