G. Karcher & S. Wilson

“We very enthusiastically recommend Elaine Stewart for all real estate needs. When we went to Elaine to help us buy a home here, we were overwhelmed at all the neighborhoods and homes that were available to us here in the Coachella Valley.

Elaine was able to sit down with us, assess our needs, our wants and our budget, and put together listings that would work for us. She sent us listings, suggested we look at some areas ourselves to narrow down what was really important to us, and then she put us in her car and took us out to see homes in areas that would work for us, including some we never would have considered on our own. She only showed us homes that were within our budget; She never tried to sell us something that we couldn’t afford. As we looked at each property, she gave us her honest assessment of each home. Her accessibility to every available home on the market, and her knowledge of every town and neighborhood in the valley was invaluable.

Elaine strongly encouraged us never to just settle for anything and yet, by the end of the first day that we spent with her, we already found a home that we enthusiastically wanted. Elaine and her staff made the buying process very smooth and drama free, and kept things moving. She knew how to talk to the other realtor in a professional manner so that we could get the most value for our money. She also lined up an excellent home inspector.

The home buying process can be challenging, but, Elaine Stewart’s personal warmth, hard work and professionalism made it flow very smoothly and for this, we are incredibly grateful.”