C.Tamker Palm Springs, CA

“I’m delighted to have an opportunity to speak highly of and to recommend Elaine Stewart. She recently acted as my agent in a complex transaction which was characterized by her magnanimity while she also genuinely recognized the positive to some circumstances we encountered. Elaine’s intelligence, boundless energy and desire to validate all parties’ concerns is a characteristic matched only by her sense of humor and ‘can do’ spirit.
I believe myself to be well qualified to call an impartial review of Elaine’s performance due to my own managerial career in a highly demanding and public career. I present with an MBA with undergraduate studies in liberal arts and so I’m always aware of communication skills and especially in the business environment. She utilized usage of paraphrasing, to engage me in verbalizing the very thing we were doing all in the effort to ensure my comprehension of the process.
Elaine brings that certain intangible to business without which makes real estate deals unnecessarily complicated and difficult to understand. I will never forget her warmth and her acumen… she is amazing. Elaine will always be held in my highest esteem and gratitude.”